How to install all in one seo in opencart ?

Simple and quick Installation Instructions

Step 1 (Transfer Files)

– Vqmod should be installed on server
– Copy all folders from new_files directory to your root directory.

Step 2 (Provide Permissions)

Provide permissions to newly added files.
Login into store admin . Go to System – Users – User groups – Top Administrator – Edit

Provide access and modify permission to following :


Step 3 (Important step to complete the installation)

Go to Admin – Catalog – All In One Seo – Auto Generate Seo Tool (This link will only be shown if you have vqmod installed)
If page successfully opens up, the module is installed successfully.
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Step 4 (Last step to make seo keywords work)

– Make sure you have .htaccess file in root directory. (If you have .htaccess file then go to step 5)

If you do not .htaccess file in root directory then please create a new file and name it .htaccess and add this content below in this file.

# To make seo keywords work
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule ^([^?]*) index.php?_route_=$1 [L,QSA]

Thank You – Best wishes for your online store

Email: Request Support
Please send order id, admin details and ftp details in email

  peta dunia satelit .

Multi purpose popup extension for opencart – Update list

Check The Latest Update:

1) Added For Version Opencart 2.0  (Release date: 9 Nov, 2014)

2) Increased theme colors.

3) New popup technique with newsletter signups.

4) Option to enable or disable on smartphones.

5) New Popup style added – Display popup on browser detect.

6) Option for border in technique 1

7) Technique 2 added

8) Cross sign change.

9) Blackout effect


How to Download & Install OpenCart 2.0

Installing a new version of OpenCart can be complicated, but we have ensured that users can quickly and easily enjoy the great benefits of OpenCart 2.0 by making the installation process as simple as possible. The following step-by-step guide will walk you through downloading and installing the very latest version of OpenCart.

Step 1 – Download
To download OpenCart 2.0, simply head to to the specialist download page on the OpenCart website and click the download link for version 2.0. When prompted, save the zip file to your computer.
Step 2 – Unzip
Once the zip file has been saved on your computer, unzip the file using your favourite unzipping programme. If you don’t already have a programme to unzip the file with, you may want to consider using ‘7-Zip’ – a completely free unzipping tool.
Step 3 – Upload
Now that you have all of your new OpenCart 2.0 files ready, you can begin to upload them to your server. To do this, you will first need an FTP programme. If you do not already have an FTP programme then FileZilla (client) is a very popular choice and is used by many OpenCart users.
Step 4 – Database
You can create a database in your hosting provider’s control panel, for example cPanel. It may also be possible to do so in phpMyAdmin. Remember to take note of the details that you use as you’ll need them for the next step.
Step 5 – Configs
For the next step, you need to rename the two config files. Using the FTP programme of your choice, rename config-dist.php to config.php and admin/config-dist.php to config.php
Step 6 – Auto-installer
The final step is to run the auto-installer. Open your favourite web browser and add “/install” to the end of your site’s website address.

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Why my site is not shown on first page of Google?

If i type happy, will it show – NO
If you type amazon, you will see – YES
So what is amazon doing to get good ranking.
Google will consider many factors before showing your site on first page. He wants his searchers to see best results.
And that is why he will show only those sites which meets the requirement.
Now what are those requirements.
It includes many things, other than SEO.
1) Page speed.
2) Image optimization
3) Seo
4) Mobile view of your site.
5) Speed on mobile.
6) Back-links
And there are many like this. You can work on each one by one. And still you won’t find your site on first page.
With above things done, your site will become faster and easy to understand. And people will come more on your site.
Then you will need to do marketing of your site on facebook, twitter, pinterest to get traffic.
And then your work will be done.
I hope i was able to explain you properly.
Our module is one part where seo is created.
You will need to have patience and improve each point one by one.
Once your site is good. Test results on
You can also use this site to see flaws. And then work on it.

How to write best meta keywords for good ranking and increase traffic?

Meta keywords are short keywords that tells summary of entire page easily. This keywords are not shown to user but search engines reads your keywords. And it is important that you mention keywords that will describe the page correctly. The reason you should use correct keywords is because your site is going to be shown in search results  for those keywords which you mention.

Its been long time, but still my website does not show up for a keyword ?

Let’s say I have a shop where i am selling trousers.

Good keywords would be  “Trousers, buy men’s Trousers, buy Trousers online, Trousers jabong, mens trouser, formal trousers for men,Trousers india“.

Now important thing is these keywords will be picked by most search engines and when someone searches for trousers men, it is very likely that my page will be eligible for this. It is no guarantee that it will come 1st or top 10. But surely my page will be in queue by most search engines.

The reason it will not be shown in top 10 because meta keywords alone cannot be the deciding factor. It depends on your site performance like site speed, loading time, description length, h1 tags, titles should also use this keywords, page rank and many factors like this. Peta satelit dunia . If other factors are also found perfect then my page will surely be in top 10.

So basically it is a factor that depends on many things that should be present on page. And meta keywords is one of the factors.

Why you should do a keyword research? And how to do?

In order to know which keywords to target, it’s essential to not only understand the demand for a given term or phrase, but also the time required to achieve those rankings. If brands are taking top 10 results and you’re just starting a website, the battle to get your page at top can take years of effort. This is why it’s essential to do keyword research. Where do we get all of this knowledge about keyword demand and keyword referrals? From research sources like these listed here:

Are you yourself satisfied with the keywords you have written for the page?

Once you write down your meta keywords, ask yourself are these the perfect keywords which people will actually search for? will they be happy to find the page for keyword?

If the answer  to above question is correct you have written the perfect keywords.

It is not important to get more traffic but it is really important to get right kind of visitors.
If you don’t get correct visitors , it will actually be a loss to your site. Reason being bounce rate will increase on your site. web page alert . When someone visits the site and if he finds this was not he was looking for, he will try to click back button. Which tells search engine that page is not perfect. And this is called bouncing. The reason this occurred was because your site was shown in search result for wrong keyword. And who wrote wrong keyword, YOU!!

Now question is how you will know which keyword your page are being shown?

The best solution to above problem is using tools. Which are the best tools to find your keywords that display  your pages. Google webmasters offers the best tools to display keywords that are used. It also displays what rank you have for a keyword.

You can log in into Google webmasters and click on the site you are working on. In my case it is Nerdherd Opencart Store (If you have not added any site you need click add a site).

Webmaster Tools - Home.clipular


Once i click on my store, i will be presented with all the tools below:

Webmaster Tools - Site Dashboard -


We need to click on Search Queries. And we will presented with the keywords search engines exract from our site.

Webmaster Tools - Search Queries -


Best of luck for your keywords which you trying to set your page on!!!


All In One Seo Module Updates and Version List

1346157203.allinone copy-693x200

Latest updates done in All In One Seo Module.

3rd November 2017 v.35.a
– Added json-ld supported by Google.

– Added support for 3.x version

20th October 2016 v.34.1.a
– Added a new look for opencart 2.x
– Added support for 2.3.x
– Added duplicate report for seo data in report section.
– Added automatic language detection based on seo keyword for multi language sites.
– Added manufacturer breadcrumb links.

September 2015 v.5.2.4
– Fixed bug with category seo keyword for multi language sites.

August 2015 v.5.2.4
– Added itemcondition in google rich snippet
– Added multi store support for rich snippet
– Added multiple currency values as needed by google for rich snippet
– Added a Indicate paginated content for good SERP

July 2015 v.5.2.3
– Seo Report now contains duplicate finder.
– Keyword duplicate report
– Meta title duplicate report
– Meta description duplicate report
Meta keyword duplicate report

June 2015 v.5.2.3 (June 1, For Opencart version 2.0)
– Opencart version 2 is now ocmod based. Now installation can be done in seconds.
– Updated google rich snippet.
– Clear seo tool for general pages added.

May 2015 v.5.2.3 ( May14, For Opencart version 2.0 )
– Multi language seo report
– Meta title report
– General page report
– Report also available on autogenerate page
– Seo keyword duplicate check on seo advanced editor
– Self Generate feature option to enable or disable
– Bug fixes and design improvements

April 2015 v.5.2.2
– Product/Category seo keyword based on meta title (Released Date: April 7)
– Fix for review of Google rich snippet (Released Date: April 7)

February 2015 v.5.2.2
– Updates and fixes (Released Date: February 4)

January 2015 v.5.2.1
– Updated the manufacturer issue with Opencart 2 (Released Date: January 10)

December 2014 v.5.2 (Only For Opencart 2.0)
– Fixes with pinterest stock meta tag (Released Date: December 10)
– Released for Opencart

November 2014 v.5.1 (Only For Opencart 2.0)
– Some fixes done in Opencart 2.0. (Released Date: November 8)

Sep 2013 v.1
– Advanced Editor for Seo. All at one place.

Oct 2013 v.1.1
– Added auto generate feature for product seo keyword and category seo keyword in single click

Feb 2013 v.1.2
– Improvement in code. Make intelligent logic to work for auto generation.
– Added auto generation of meta keyword and description for all pages.

April 2013 v.2
– Added Seo data for all general pages.

July 2013 v.2.1
– Added Seo report to bring efficiency in module.

Oct 2013 v.2.2
– Added Self insertion of seo data on new product insert and category insert.

Nov 2013 v.3
– Added google rich snippet tool to enhance module to next level.

Dec 2013 v.3.1
– Added Character count feature to check meta description should not exceed 156 characters.

Dec 2013 v.3.1
– Added Character count feature to check meta description should not exceed 156 characters.

Jan 2014 v.3.12
– Canonical error fix for Opencart. Remove duplicate content error.

Feb 2014 v.3.2
– Search Canonical fix for Opencart. Remove duplicate content error.
– Canonical pagination fix for Opencart. Remove duplicate content error.
– Product Tag search doesn’t work in Opencart. This Module fixes it.

March 2014 v.4.1
– Added Seo Sitemap Xml Generator, which automatically get all links of your store and creates a sitemap for search engines.
– Improvements and bug solve with

April 2014 v.4.12
– Facebook and twitter snippet
– Google Plus Authorship
– Smart User Interface
– Meta Data Auto Generators for Manufacturers / Information pages

May 2014 v.4.12
– Seo Redirect Manager (Released Date: May 2)
– Help guide (Documentation) on every feature. (Released Date : May 8)
– Seo Direct links for products and categories. (Released Date : May 9)

June 2014 v.4.13
– Seo Image Name Generation – 3 layer security (Released Date: June 2)
– Direct link option in admin. (Released Date : June 3)
– Image name pattern also contains model name and category name. (Released Date : June 3)

July 2014 v.4.13
– Sitemap enhanced for multi language stores (Released Date: July 4)
– Supports for generating Seo Data for large number of Products (Released Date: July 31)

August 2014 v.4.14
– Bug fix for multi language site. (Released Date: August 4)
– Image links of products are also included in sitemap.xml (Released Date: August 8)

September 2014 v.4.15
– Product report on generator page. (Released Date: September 6)
– Improved snippet (Released Date: September 14)
– Product tag in Seo Editor (Released Date: September 22)
– Complete Breadcrumb Link for product (Released Date: September 22)
– Social Sharing Buttons (Released Date: September 22)

October 2014 v.5.0
– Improved Code for autogenerators. (Released Date: October 10)
– Added All In One Seo Module for Opencart 2 (Released Date: October 25) (Link)

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.htaccess in opencart

First of all , let me give some brief idea regarding what is .htaccess.

– .htaccess is a configuration file for use on web servers running the Apache Web Server software.

– When a .htaccess file is placed in a directory which is in turn ‘loaded via the Apache Web Server’, then the .htaccess file is detected and executed by the Apache Web Server software.

– These .htaccess files can be used to alter the configuration of the Apache Web Server software to enable/disable additional functionality and features that the Apache Web Server software has to offer. These facilities include basic redirect functionality.

Enabling the .htaccess in opencart:

– By default opencart root have .htaccess.txt,you need to rename it.
just remove “.txt” from that file.

– Once you done this, you can find .htaccess file in your root folder.
That’s it.

Use of .htaccess in opencart: 

–  Default opencart .htaccess file having several methods,
lets understand it.

– The .htaccess will work to protect these files and the subfolders of System from being accessed by anyone except the designated administrator. To do so, insert the code below into your .htaccess:

# Prevent Direct Access to files
<FilesMatch “(?i)((\.tpl|\.ini|\.log|(?<!robots)\.txt))”>
 Order deny,allow
 Deny from all
– SEO URL Settings

RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /Your_sub_directory_name
RewriteRule ^sitemap.xml$ index.php?route=feed/google_sitemap [L]
RewriteRule ^googlebase.xml$ index.php?route=feed/google_base [L]
RewriteRule ^download/(.*) /index.php?route=error/not_found [L]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !.*\.(ico|gif|jpg|jpeg|png|js|css)
RewriteRule ^([^?]*) index.php?_route_=$1 [L,QSA]

If you want to access  your store like : then
put “shop” in place of “your_sub_directory_name” and if you want
to access your store like : then remove
“your_sub_directory_name” in above code.

Looking for generate seo links by “A” click of all your store’s like,
have a look our extension : All in one seo module for opencart



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