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Why my site is not shown on first page of Google?

If i type happy, will it show – NO
If you type amazon, you will see – YES
So what is amazon doing to get good ranking.
Google will consider many factors before showing your site on first page. He wants his searchers to see best results.
And that is why he will show only those sites which meets the requirement.
Now what are those requirements.
It includes many things, other than SEO.
1) Page speed.
2) Image optimization
3) Seo
4) Mobile view of your site.
5) Speed on mobile.
6) Back-links
And there are many like this. You can work on each one by one. And still you won’t find your site on first page.
With above things done, your site will become faster and easy to understand. And people will come more on your site.
Then you will need to do marketing of your site on facebook, twitter, pinterest to get traffic.
And then your work will be done.
I hope i was able to explain you properly.
Our module is one part where seo is created.
You will need to have patience and improve each point one by one.
Once your site is good. Test results onĀ
You can also use this site to see flaws. And then work on it.