How to write best meta keywords for good ranking and increase traffic?

Meta keywords are short keywords that tells summary of entire page easily. This keywords are not shown to user but search engines reads your keywords. And it is important that you mention keywords that will describe the page correctly. The reason you should use correct keywords is because your site is going to be shown in search results  for those keywords which you mention.

Its been long time, but still my website does not show up for a keyword ?

Let’s say I have a shop where i am selling trousers.

Good keywords would be  “Trousers, buy men’s Trousers, buy Trousers online, Trousers jabong, mens trouser, formal trousers for men,Trousers india“.

Now important thing is these keywords will be picked by most search engines and when someone searches for trousers men, it is very likely that my page will be eligible for this. It is no guarantee that it will come 1st or top 10. But surely my page will be in queue by most search engines.

The reason it will not be shown in top 10 because meta keywords alone cannot be the deciding factor. It depends on your site performance like site speed, loading time, description length, h1 tags, titles should also use this keywords, page rank and many factors like this. Peta satelit dunia . If other factors are also found perfect then my page will surely be in top 10.

So basically it is a factor that depends on many things that should be present on page. And meta keywords is one of the factors.

Why you should do a keyword research? And how to do?

In order to know which keywords to target, it’s essential to not only understand the demand for a given term or phrase, but also the time required to achieve those rankings. If brands are taking top 10 results and you’re just starting a website, the battle to get your page at top can take years of effort. This is why it’s essential to do keyword research. Where do we get all of this knowledge about keyword demand and keyword referrals? From research sources like these listed here:

Are you yourself satisfied with the keywords you have written for the page?

Once you write down your meta keywords, ask yourself are these the perfect keywords which people will actually search for? will they be happy to find the page for keyword?

If the answer  to above question is correct you have written the perfect keywords.

It is not important to get more traffic but it is really important to get right kind of visitors.
If you don’t get correct visitors , it will actually be a loss to your site. Reason being bounce rate will increase on your site. web page alert . When someone visits the site and if he finds this was not he was looking for, he will try to click back button. Which tells search engine that page is not perfect. And this is called bouncing. The reason this occurred was because your site was shown in search result for wrong keyword. And who wrote wrong keyword, YOU!!

Now question is how you will know which keyword your page are being shown?

The best solution to above problem is using tools. Which are the best tools to find your keywords that display  your pages. Google webmasters offers the best tools to display keywords that are used. It also displays what rank you have for a keyword.

You can log in into Google webmasters and click on the site you are working on. In my case it is Nerdherd Opencart Store (If you have not added any site you need click add a site).

Webmaster Tools - Home.clipular


Once i click on my store, i will be presented with all the tools below:

Webmaster Tools - Site Dashboard -


We need to click on Search Queries. And we will presented with the keywords search engines exract from our site.

Webmaster Tools - Search Queries -


Best of luck for your keywords which you trying to set your page on!!!


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